About Me

katieHi, I’m Katie Gambill, and after high school I will be making my way to Jinja, Uganda to work and live at Amani Baby Cottage. Amani Baby Cottage is a small orphanage housing about sixty children, from infants to age five. My work there is all done on a volunteer basis — I will not be paid and I am responsible for all of my own expenses.

I believe God is calling me to do mission work, particularly in Uganda. I have always had a love for Africa and a love for children. As I have gotten older, these two loves have come together in a sense of call for me.

My parents served as missionaries in Taiwan, Republic of China before I was born. Their service made me believe my dreams of serving God in Africa could also come true. I began to research ways to make this dream come true. After much searching I was somewhat discouraged that I was not able to find a ministry that would accept me at my current age and experience level. About this time, I met a young mother of five children who is a member of my church. She asked me to babysit for her and in our conversation I learned she had adopted two children from Uganda! She listened to my sense of call and immediately volunteered to help me reach my goal of serving in Africa. From that moment forward I have trusted that God would provide a way for me to fulfill this dream.

There are many expenses involved with this trip — airfare, housing, vaccinations, etc. — and that is where I need your help. I appreciate your donations of money to offset expenses, your prayers, and your love and support as I undertake this exciting journey.

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