A Servant’s Heart

Katie and little girl

The mission field is hard. It’s physically and emotionally draining. It will make you cry tears of hurt and scream out for help when you think you just cannot do it any longer. It is also the most rewarding and life changing thing you will ever do in your life. It will make you scream hallelujah and cry because you are overwhelmed by happiness.

My last five months have been filled with all these extreme emotions. It’s hard, and I’ve never been so happy to be pushed beyond my limits. I have now been back in Uganda for an entire month. When I returned this time, I made the decision to give up social media in order not to miss my wonderful and exciting life in Uganda.

This last month has been filled with more crazy stories and more amazing people than ever before. My cup is overflowing.

The minute I walked off the plane in Uganda, breathed in the fresh and dusty hot air, I felt right at home. After grabbing a mango and chicken on a stick, we were on the road to the orphanage. After a long six hour traffic jammed car ride we arrived, I ran out of the car to be greeted by the kids screaming “AUNTIE KATIE” running toward me with open arms. I think that’s what true love feels like, all you can do in that circumstance is smile and cry and say “Thank you, Jesus.”

No matter how difficult my days may be here, at the end of the day I know I am where I am supposed to be. This trip has been filled with many ups and downs and crazy adventures. In my four weeks here I have met some of the best girls I have ever known, gotten pulled over by the Ugandan police, kayaked the Nile, been sent to the hospital due to a bad bacterial infection, and many more crazy adventures. My cup is overflowing and I cannot wait to see what the coming months have in store.

God calls us to always have a servant’s heart and therefore I will, no matter the circumstance.